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Many businesses choose to use a mail forwarding service when they don’t have a specific business premises – they may, perhaps, work from home which has become much more common in the last couple of years. The following article was published on looks at the reasons why a business may need to use a mail forwarding service…

Many sole traders and small businesses owners who operate from home without an office space or shop front can benefit greatly from a professional mail forwarding service. This can add status to your business by creating a corporate front-of-house image. A mail forwarding address can give the appearance of working from a prestigious, established location without the need to incur expensive charges from renting your own space. In addition to raising the profile of your business, many individuals choose this type of service to protect the privacy of their own home and avoid unwanted visitors and mail arriving at their door.

A professional image

Many people and companies prefer to deal with businesses with a professional address, as opposed to a home address. The use of a mail forwarding service could, therefore, make your business more attractive to potential clients and suppliers. This low-cost service also allows new and existing businesses to test the market in particular areas and break into markets in new geographical locations by creating a local presence.

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At Highstone Business Centre, in addition to our serviced offices, secretarial services and reception services, we also offer our own mail forwarding service where we can manage all of your incoming mail – whether you need it held until you’re able to collect it, or forwarded on to another address. If you think this could be something that would benefit your business, contact our team today to find out more.