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Gone are the times where we spent eight hours a day and five days a week in the same office with our colleagues, taking the same lunch hour and making small talk with someone in admin about the weather. The Coronavirus pandemic has quickly changed how the world works and it could not look brighter. This article on Hybrid Working was recently published on instantoffices.com and it highlights the benefits of this new, flexible approach to office life, which marries itself well to the services we offer here at Highstone Business Centre. Take a look at the article and see if this could help your business…

Hybrid working is a model that enables team members to spend a few days a week in the office and the rest working remotely, whether from home, a café or a coworking space.
The concept isn’t new. Despite hybrid and flexible working options existing for decades, the majority of businesses have considered the approach either unnecessary or too niche for their office-based workforce, until now.

Globally, online searches for ‘hybrid’ working are up 123%, with interest highest in the UK, Singapore, Ireland and South Africa. Those unfamiliar with the approach are rushing to find out more. Searches for ‘hybrid working definition’ are up 800% across South Africa, the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore and India.

The pandemic caused a seismic shift to remote working that forced business owners to reevaluate everything about how we do corporate work. Most employers and employees rate their experience with remote working positively, and most did it successfully. And while many recognise that returning to the office has its benefits, the global majority agree that remote working does too. Enter the solution: hybrid working, which looks set to be the future model.

Globally, 75% say it will be standard practice within their organisation in the future.

You can read the full article on instantoffices.com.

Here at Highstone Business Centre, we understand that not every business needs their staff to be present every single day and it could be that you don’t need to pay rent on an office for a full five days a week – if this is the case, our shared office solutions may be the answer you are looking for or check our Virtual Office Space! Contact our team today to find out more about the flexible options available to you.