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What is a day office space?

A day office is a rentable office space that you can hire out for anything from an hour to a full day. Day offices usually come with good quality Wi-Fi connection, ergonomic furniture and desk space, providing you with the basics to get started. Day offices can also come with other benefits, such as break out areas and recreational spaces, as well as kitchens which may be equipped with complimentary beverages and a 24-hour staffed reception, amongst other things.

Day office space benefits

With the desire for flexible working growing, day offices are being considered more as a great midpoint between home working and traditional office-based work for employees. Instead of travelling a long distance into the office or making office space in your home, day offices allow employees to rent office space for as long as they, providing them with the means to get on with their job without hassle.

There are many benefits to renting day offices. Let’s look at some of them.

Flexible working hours

Day offices can be booked at any time of day, with some available for booking 24/7. This is great for employees to work flexible hours and work when best suits them.

Improves employee wellbeing – having the ability to book office space when they want to work in the office, rather than at home, gives employees autonomy and the ability to take care of themselves appropriately day-to-day. If a more productive working environment is needed, employees can rent office space for the day. However, if they need some space, they can choose to work from home.

Promotes a professional ethos

Working at home can be great, but getting yourself into the right work headspace can be difficult. Being able to come into the office can encourage employees to feel more focused and business-minded.

Offers quiet workspaces

Working at home, or maybe in a coffee shop, can be challenging for some, with lots of background noise and pets demanding your attention. Renting a day office can help employees find a quiet space, kitted out and ready for them to show up and start working at a moment’s notice.

Better work-life balance

For some, working at home is easy, and as the day ends, they can shut the office door and leave their job until the next morning. However, working and relaxing in the same environment can be tough for some people. So, renting a day office can offer a great solution, preventing the blurring of lines between home and work and encouraging a better work-life balance.


Day offices are available everywhere – they aren’t hard to find at all. Consequently, you may find it easier and cheaper to commute to a day office near you than your usual commute to work.

How can a day office benefit your business?

There are plenty of benefits for employees when it comes to day offices, but it’s important to note that there are also many benefits for businesses too. Here are a few ways day offices can improve your business.

Renting a day office is much more affordable than a fixed office for your business. In a fixed office, you are already paying for your employee’s desk space, regardless of whether they decide to work from home or call in sick, whereas day offices only require you to pay for what you use.

Flexibility is improved when you rent an office for the day, as if you initially want employees in one day a week, you can organise that. If you later decide you need them in more or require more space, you can upsize and book in whenever the need arises.

Day offices can encourage productivity, as they offer a focused environment that helps create a clear divide between home and work. This can be helpful for many as home life can easily bleed into the workday and cause unwanted distractions for employees. Day offices help to provide a comfortable and well-equipped workstation for employees to get on with their tasks hassle-free.

Being able to locate yourself anywhere is a huge benefit to renting a day office. If you have a client meeting in the city centre, rent out your day office nearby and limit the need for midday commuting. Alternatively, you can ensure that your office space is always located near your employees to reduce their commuting needs. With no ties to one location, you can move freely and enjoy all of the benefits of your local areas with no fuss.

Having an office space helps with your professional image, as if you ever host video calls or face to face meetings with clients, you can show off your office space, rather than the local coffee shop. For small businesses, this can help other companies and clients to take you seriously and trust your abilities as a business.

Day offices are great for networking as they often attract other businesses and freelancers, enabling employees and senior staff to make new contacts and potentially broaden their knowledge of processes and ways of working and encourage new ideas for your business.

What are the benefits of working in an office?

Since working from home was mandatory for a short while, there has been a divide between those that enjoy the freedom of working from home and those that are desperate to get back to the office – even if for just a few days a week.

With 90% of employees wanting to head back to work (according to a survey conducted by the US research institute Gensler Research Institute), there must be some strong reasons to leave working from home in the past. So let’s consider the pros of heading back into the office.


Working in an office allows cross-departmental collaboration and group meetings and activities to take place. This can result in stronger teams and more creative and thought out ideas.


Rather than sending an email and not being able to continue your job until you receive a response, working in an office allows you to walk over to your colleague’s desk, get an immediate answer and potentially even a demonstration. Face to face communication also helps to build a rapport with your team, especially if you have someone new and inexperienced who may have struggled to take on their role at home without the comfort of knowing the person behind the email. In-person communication can also build morale, especially for those that work at home – seeing other people and having a quick chat at lunch can be beneficial to mental health and, therefore, productivity.

Showing your capabilities

Through a screen, senior staff aren’t able to walk past and see who’s been at the water cooler gossiping all day or who has had their head in their work and getting on with things. Working in the office means your strong work ethic is unlikely to go unnoticed, whilst those team members not pulling their weight may finally be pulled up on it. Consequently, managers will recognise those deserving of better opportunities instead of them flying under the radar.

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