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With companies and businesses starting to get back to a different “normal” in our post-pandemic society, we are hearing about different types of flexible working so much more than we ever have. But what exactly does this mean? We came across an article by work.life which listed the different types of this new way of working…

Flexible working comes in many forms, some more popular than others. Common types of flexible working arrangements include:

Telecommuting – An employee might work full-time, but only comes into the office two or three days per week and works remotely for the rest.

Remote working – An employee works outside of the office. They can live and work anywhere.

Part-time working – An employee works less than full-time, standard hours.

Condensed hours – An employees covers their standard working hours in less working days, e.g. four-10 hour days, with Friday off – to total a 40 hour working week.

Job sharing – Two part-time workers share one full-time job.

Customised working hours – Workers choose their own hours. Sometimes, times are given as a guide, i.e. hours must be between 6am – 10pm.

Flexi-time – There are ‘core hours’ i.e. between 10am – 4pm. Outside of these times, employees can choose when they work.

Many businesses will be more familiar with these as a result of the pandemic. Not only have employees have been forced to work from home; but some companies have also allowed workers to adopt a more flexible schedule. Businesses have been able to extend their working hours by having employees work at different times of day.

Likewise, as a result of changing workforces and the furlough scheme, employees have also had to take on other people’s roles in businesses.

Without businesses even knowing it, they’ve adopted agile working principles. Through the outbreak of Coronavirus and teams being forced to work in an agile way, businesses have realised just how valuable these practices can be; experiencing increased productivity levels, positive feedback from staff and extended hours of operation.

You can read the full article on work.life.

At Highstone Business Centre, we have flexible options available to suit the variety of ways businesses are now working. From shared office space, day offices, serviced offices and virtual office space – whatever the types of flexible working you are adopting, we strongly believe that when looking for an office that suits your ever-changing business needs, we have the answer at our Barnet office. Contact our team today to discuss your needs.

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