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Flexible Highly Sought-After Serviced Offices

One major benefit of using highly sought-after serviced offices such as ours in the heart of Barnet is that they can be so flexible; it’s a wonder that a company would consider anything else.

Recently, it has been great to see three of our companies expand and take on more staff, therefore requiring larger office space. They were able to do this without any downtime for their business – they increased their office space in the building, avoiding the laborious process of looking for new office space, changing their address on their literature and also informing all their clientele. These are not ideal tasks when their time could be much better spent doing what they do best! There’s also the risk that business could be lost if customers do not receive your new address details.

Not only was the increased office space easy and pain-free for each of these companies, but we were also able to sort out their internet access and migrate their telephone numbers quickly and efficiently, resulting in absolutely no setbacks for any of the companies.

As businesses grow along with the number of staff they employ, our location becomes even more important – unlike many offices we have a car park and are located near an abundance of other parking spaces. A great selling point to your new staff!

Seeing our customers’ businesses expand is great for us here at Highstone House – it proves once again what a great location we are for businesses and seeing them grow is just further affirmation that leasing one of our highly sought-after serviced offices in North London is the winning solution for your business. Give us a call and see how we can help your company – seeing how successful the businesses are that currently rent our space could be what you need to take your business to the next level!

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