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The COVID-19 pandemic shifted how many of us work, with companies offering remote or hybrid arrangements. But now that restrictions have lifted, will we continue to work from home or is it best to rent an office?

Is working from home for you?

Working from home has a lot of advantages. It allows for more flexibility, especially when it comes to organising your work hours, which you can use to your advantage to coordinate a better work/life balance. This may be helpful if you need to work around childcare or would otherwise have a long commute to the office.

While home working does have several appealing advantages, renting an office has many benefits, too.

Rent an Office? – The Benefits

Whether you have a small team or a large workforce, you might find it helpful to rent an office space to boost productivity, improve morale, and streamline operations. Here’s how:

1. A more structured routine

For some people, working from home in a solitary environment can be more productive. But for others, it is a struggle. Your living situation could be less than ideal, distracting, or inconsistent. Dedicated office space can help you create a structured routine that allows you to meet your work deadlines effectively.

2. Office attire

Whilst it may be appealing to work from your bed at home in your pyjamas, you may find that dressing smartly for going to the office helps you get in the right frame of mind and focus more effectively. (Fun fact: studies have shown that doctors wearing a lab coat had greater attention spans than those who did not).

When renting out an office space for your business or even just for yourself, there is more of an expectation to dress slightly smarter than your work-from-home getup.

3. Face-to-face communication

Have you ever spent hours emailing back and forth with a colleague discussing a matter that could be cleared up with a 5-minute conversation? Speaking face to face can speed up decision-making and minimise wasted time. So what’s the answer? Rent office space!

4. Monitoring efficacy

If you’re a business owner, you might consider renting office space as a way of monitoring employee efforts. Online, it is more difficult to track how your team is doing. As an employer, renting an office space could be useful if your company relies on proximity to keep the dynamic as productive as possible.

5. Social interaction

Whether it’s meeting at the coffee station, sharing a lunch break together, or simply working as team on a project, an office space gives you plenty of opportunities to socialise.

While you may think this suggests less productivity, it can actually have the opposite effect. By boosting employee morale, the team will be more motivated.

6. A professional space for client meetings

Office spaces also permit in-person business networking and mean you can entertain clients in a dedicated and professional space. This can be a better option than blurring out your background on a video call with unreliable internet!

Renting office space can improve productivity and may be more affordable than you might first think.

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