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Have You Considered Virtual Offices?

Virtual Offices – As technology has developed over the years, our businesses have come to rely heavily on the Internet while employees strive for a more harmonious work/life balance. Companies are finding that their staff may now spend just as much time working from home as they do from the office. Many new businesses are also located in home offices, especially if a rental budget isn’t available.

However, would you really want your home address on all your business literature? We thought not, so here at Highstone House, one of Barnet’s highly sought-after serviced offices, we offer you “virtual offices” – a company address without actual dedicated office space.

Virtual offices have so many benefits that it is definitely worth considering for many companies. If you are just starting your business up, can you afford to sign up to office space before testing the water? You use our office address on your literature/business cards etc and have a dedicated post box so you can come and pick up any business mail, or we can send it on to you. Avoid a busy commute each day by walking straight into your home office, also saving you money on travel. Many people also find it much easier to juggle their work and home life when they work from home and using our virtual office can help you make that step.

Having a virtual office does not mean holding business and team meetings in your living room – when you need to hold a meeting with clients, or other members of your company, then you can use our modern meeting rooms or even use one of our recently renovated serviced offices.

Using our virtual office system is simple, cost-effective and can be done straight away, leaving you time to let your clients know your new business address.

If a virtual office isn’t what you were looking for, then Highstone House could still be the answer for your business. We offer flexible, modern serviced offices in Barnet, North London where the office space you lease can grow as your company does.

Whether you’re in the market for a new office – virtual or otherwise, get in touch and see what we have to offer.

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