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Change the size of your serviced office without changing your address

Imagine what it would be like to rent a serviced office that can respond quickly to the changing needs of your company. Some of our tenants have recently experienced this and found that our flexibility enabled them to stay in the same building in the heart of Barnet, while easily increasing/decreasing the size of their office space, avoiding any costs involved in informing their customers that they had moved.

A company’s size can change for many reasons – it may decrease due to having to reduce their headcount to cut costs or it may merge with another company, therefore increasing in size.

At Highstone House, we have had four companies in the last 12 months or so whose teams have both increased and decreased and they were able to take advantage of our flexibility. With those that reduced, they would have wasted money paying for a larger office space with empty desks, so they moved to a smaller area, saving them money in monthly rent, and enabling them to continue working without any disruption. Those that moved to larger office spaces were able to do so with minimum disruption to their team and the day to day running of their business, also avoiding the time-consuming process of finding another, larger office.

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