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What is a Virtual Office Space and How Can it Benefit Your Business?

Essentially, a virtual office is a service which provides a business owner with all the perks of commercial property – an office address and telephone number, communication and administration services, and access to meeting rooms – without the need for physical office space.

The virtual office space has become a popular workspace solution for freelancers and entrepreneurs who work from home but want a professional-sounding business address for their company. It gives business owners all the benefits of a ’brick and mortar’ commercial property without the expense of renting an actual office. A virtual business address can help to add credibility to a business, which makes it easier to successfully attract clients.

Key Benefits of a Virtual Office Address Over Commercial Property

Here’s how a virtual office address can make life easier for business owners:

  1. Professionalism: Home offices and unconventional workspaces are becoming more widely accepted, but for those looking to attract more traditionally-minded corporate clients, it pays to have a dedicated office address and contact details.
  2. Location: With a virtual office solution, business owners will get an address within a reputable area code, which is a good way to reassure clients that the business is legitimate.
  3. State-of-the-art meeting facilities: Virtual office packages provide access to high-quality meeting spaces for face-to-face client meetings and conference calls.
  4. Flexibility: Business owners have the option to hot-desk from multiple locations, either locally or internationally.
  5. Efficiency: Working from home while using a virtual office address saves time and money that would otherwise be spent on a daily commute.
  6. Budget: A virtual office solution saves on overheads, as there is no need to rent physical space, buy equipment and furniture, or hire a receptionist.
  7. Communication: A dedicated business telephone number, answered by a professional receptionist, ensures smooth communication with all clients. Call forwarding, post and parcels can also be handled by a virtual office reception service.
  8. Work-life balance: Teams working virtually typically have the benefit of more free time and flexibility.

Finding the Right Virtual Office Space

Virtual office rental is typically ideal for small business owners, but they can also work well for larger companies where many employees work remotely or occasionally from serviced office space.

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