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Integrated Telephone System

Integrated VOIP Telephone System

We have a fully integrated VOIP telephone system installed from Horizon Telecoms into each office with handsets and telephone numbers if required.

Huge savings over the main UK telecoms provider. Our telephone pricing is very competitive with an all inclusive call handset costing £22.50 per month or just the phone line and the handset for £15.50 per month.

The telephone systems has a wide range of functionality including:

  • Online phone management.
  • Answer Phone.
  • Answer phone messages sent to your email in box.
  • Call Diversion.
  • Stored Numbers.
  • Night Service.
  • Call Attendant.

Your telephone system will be set by default with:

  1. One Telephone number to ring all your phones.
  2. This will go to answer phone if unanswered.

We can arrange to have a bespoke setup on your telephone system with any of the following features:

  • Individual Direct Dialling number – Linked to individual handset in your office
  • Call Diversion  If unanswered your call could be diverted to our internal answering service or your own designated number.
  • Bespoke Ringing Patterns – Instead of ringing all the phones at once your call can ring on one handset and if unanswered will then divert the the rest of the group.
  • Call Attendant – Incoming calls will be given a range of options based on your needs.  For example “Push 1 for Sales or push 2 for Accounts”

For more information on any of our services contact
info@highstonebusinesscentre.co.uk or call 020 8441 8844


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